Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt

Accompanied by Almut Berchtold (M.A.) from Bildarchiv Foto Marburg (German Documentation Centre for Art History) and the Stuttgart photographer Rose Hajdu, our research team visited on March 12th the Wilhelma in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The architect Karl Ludwig Wilhelm von Zanth (1837-1864) originally built the zoo and botanical garden as a royal palace for William I, King of Wurttemberg (1781-1864). The structure originally consisted of a theatre in the neo-Pompeian style, a Moorish country house with two greenhouses on its sides and a Moorish celebration hall (partially destroyed during the Second World War), a Moorish garden, an imposing Belvedere and the Damascene Hall, built by the architect Wilhelm Bäumer after Zanths’ death.

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