The City on the Guadalquivir

Wilhelm Meyer’s Courdoue La Caraola – a pencil drawing dated 25th February 1846 – is the most impressive view from Córdoba in the Zurich group of studies. It proves the painter’s preference for panoramic views, just as the examples from Granada or Gibraltar. Meyer chose his position on the opposite riverbank, which is dominated by the Torre de la Calahorra dating back to the city’s Islamic period. The monumental ensemble of Islamic and Christian buildings taking over the entire image on the background was his main point of interest. On closer inspection, one notices their detailed depiction. The Guadalquivir’s picturesque riverscape figures in the foreground together with the mills formerly used for irrigating the extended gardens of the neighbouring Alcázar. The bridge from Roman times linking both riversides underlines the historic importance of the city. – FG